Reasons for Sewer Backups

Posted by on Mar 2, 2016 in Sewer Cleaning, Sewer Repair

The frightening reality many property owners may not understand it that a sewage backup could happen to almost anybody at anytime, and fairly commonly it’s of no mistake of the property owner. Having sewer malfunctions is an unusual thing though, so do not allow this post worry you about it potentially being a problem at your San Antonio house.

Sewer backups do have to be filtered as quickly as feasible, nonetheless, as water damages to ones home could take place, along with the possibility of health and wellness threats if the scenario is left to become worse. The sewer will certainly not simply clean itself.

We will certainly initially detail a few of the primary sources of a sewage backup, and after that supply a checklist of things to look out for to assist with identifying the concern if one thinks it is a sewer primary issue as opposed to isolated to just ones home.

Many Common Sources of Sewer OverflowSan Antonio Sewer Backflow

One factor it can happen which may or could not be ones fault is when tree roots disrupt the sewer main line, they trigger disturbance by growing deep right into the ground and also penetrating with the sewer pipes, and also in many cases restrict the pipe and make it fully nonfunctional.

One more factor that can have a destructive affect to ones plumbing is the age of the water pipes. Older sewer water pipes will certainly wear away in time and today’s pipe materials are a lot more durable after that anything currently installed in ones house.

The final most typical factor for sewer overflows is due to improper usage of ones drains in the home. Putting oil as well as grease into ones drains will certainly have a negative impact on ones total plumbing system. This might drop the sewer and drain as liquid, however it does not take long for it to strengthen and start creating problems. Residents have to take care of exactly what gets flushed down the commode as well.

According to the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority:

Blockages are often caused by soil settlement, misaligned joints, root infiltration, pipe collapses, grease buildup, or by other items that have been flushed down a drain.

Diagnosing A Blockage or Backup

In some cases it could be very difficult to identify whether the problem is a straightforward obstruction within the plumbing system or if the issue is a lot bigger. First methods to check this is with ones commode. Below are a couple of small examinations to try initially.

Initially, flush the toilet and then see precisely just what occurs. As soon as flushed check out the shower or bath tub to see if there is proof of any type of water backing up through the pipes. If so, chances are it is a backup as opposed to a clog.

The 2nd examination is to turn the water on in a sink close in area to the toilet. Allow the water to run and go check the toilet. Seek to see if any bubbles are developing or if other strange habits is occurring. This will certainly suggest a sewage backup.

One other test is to activate the washing machine. See if there is any kind of effect on either the commode or bathroom fixtures with overrunning or the existence of water, while the washing machine is operating. If so, provide us a call.

Ways to Treat a San Antonio Sewer BackupSewer Cleaning San Antonio

Once it is identified that a sewage backup exists, exactly what is the strategy one should take? Clearly, give us a telephone call to quickly begin resolve the issue. Also, if there any damages to ones residential property, make certain to examine your home insurance coverage to see if it has sewer backup protection, as well as potentially call the insurance company.

Certainly we do not expect residents to recognize the source of the backup prior to calling us when the circumstance is an emergency. We are available 24 hrs a day to assist with any sort of needed San Antonio Sewer Repair. If there is a backup in the sewer make certain to completely cease water use till we reach your residence. We have the most modern tools to obtain rid of any kind of sewer blockages and also extensively clean ones sewer. If you have a septic tank, we will make certain that it is functioning as it should as well as does not require to be pumped out.